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    There's a few individuals online that "help" copyright infringers and claim free information like extortionletterinfo website from Matthew Chan aka Matthew Valor and Oscar Michelen.

    From what we can tell Matthew Chan is jack of all trades "Publisher, Author, Blogger, Web Strategist, & Real Estate Investor" according to his resume. Some facts that don't quite add up are quotes like "I require a nominal Paypal payment "$59.50" before I can speak with you" . Understand that Matthew Chan promotes himself as a Media Publisher, Web Strategist, Real Estate Investor, he is not legal counsel and does not practice law. I assume he gives a disclaimer that he not giving legal advice. Then statements on extortion letter info "Please make a small PayPal contribution of $10.00 to $30.00"

    Matthew S. Chan has moved around in many online websites selling whatever will be the next internet publishing success such as Ascend Beyond Publishing, Tempest Broadcasting with books and audio programs such as; The TurnKey Publisher Series, The TurnKey Investor Series, The Intrepid Way, SolidRentalHomes.com, and OwnerFinanceHomes.com,

    His latest venture is making is monetizing the extortionletter forum and possibly his relationship with Oscar Michelen Attorney. Using copyright websites websites like ELI Forums, web domination strategies, extortionletter forum. intrepid management, INTREPID NETWORK CONCEPTS, INC, Intrepid Factor Inc, and Aguastone LLC
    WOW HOW CAN ANYONE DO IT ALL? It looks like a big shell game

    Where it gets strange is Matthew S. Chan company name AGUASTONE LLC is located in Columbus, GA with an address of 4118 Terrace Point Dr., Muscogee, Columbus, GA, 31909, USA. Although owner of the house is not Matthew Chan but NGUYEN SON K & HANH N. Is this for real?

    Digging Deeper there's more companies operating by Matthew Chan appear to be using the same address:
    Company Intrepid Factor, Inc.
    Address 4118 Terrace Point Dr., Muscogee, Columbus, GA, 31909, USA

    Address 4118 Terrace Point Dr., Muscogee, COLUMBUS, GA, 31909, USA

    I thought we could have a good debate on copyright but after looking at the principals behind extortion letter forum Matthew Chan aka Matthew Valor, publisher of extortion letter forum, Defiantly.net, etc, etc I'm not sure what their area of expertise is.

    Destination360 welcomes the opportunity to debate the issue of copyright. I see the ELI Matthew Chan and Oscar Michelen's new money making opportunity is called "Oscar Michelen’s Defense Letter Program". Looks like it's a web publishing business under the premise of helping copyright infringers fight demand settlements for copyright infringements.

    As a small company we will stand up for the copyright of our images and welcome the opportunity to debate their "Oscar Michelen’s Defense Letter Program" in or out of court. And just this week they started another website Defiantly. I'm not sure of the purpose but certainly another website to monetize.

    If anyone wants to share Oscar Michelen’s Defense Letter we would love to evaluate it.
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    d360 always interested in copyright issues. keep the forum advised on any developments.
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    Looking into Matthew Chan at Extortion Letters brings up a slew of harassing things he's done to others. He's what I've found on Matthew Chan

    Stalked for Protecting Copyright, Author Gets Restraining Order | PDNPulse
    “I made some stupid posts”: Anti-troll site gagged after threats against poet
    Ellis v. Chan: Matthew Chan's Memorandum of Law | Stalking | Copyright Infringement

    And I think someone posted this earlier but Chan's variety of other enterprises that didn't work out so well.
    List of Matthew Chan websites
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    Sounds like Matthew chan is up to it again.
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    Thank you for sharing this information and digging deeper into this. It's a shame that people are trying to make money by scaring people or confusing them into giving money. If you need to read more about this type of scam, check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation they do really good work fighting this kind of stuff.
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    Lets see what Matthew Chan Extortion Letter spam has been up to, 404 page? guess the extortion letter promotion for a nominal fee has not worked out..He's not an attorney just someone with business built around trying to get people to pay him $60 for advice of which he has no formal qualifications. But Matthew Chans Extortion Letter is still is pitching his buddy Oscar Michelen program. Oscar Michelen's defence program offer his service at fees that range from $495-$695, or his legal fees begin at $2,500 for a 10-hour retainer. I suspect Mr. Chan gets a little cut of that :)

    I've read some of the postings discussing Destination360 copyright settlements and they are ridiculous. If someone steals an image for commercial purposes and gets caught they should pay for its use. These users will post up vague claims never by the person or company so we can properly engage in a conversation. On several occasions I said to Matthew Chan that we welcome an opportunity to debate this in an online forum but still not one copyright issue has been brought up. Meanwhile we continue to process copyright settlements successfully.
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    More dialog with Matthew Chan of Extortion Letter Matthew Chan Oscar Michelen ELI Defense Program. Still waiting to discuss a Destination360 copyright settlement but he seems to want to discuss his premium services to sell copyright infringers more. I think he's giving me more credit than I deserve claiming I'm Michael Cain I couldn't do all the work Michael does on a daily basis.
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    Matthew Chan at Extortion Letter has finally stopped operation of his website. No surprise these questionable operations come and go on the internet all the time. Another individual Pace Lattin who has used the Extortion Letter website to slander Destination360 and many others will someday have his day as well. We'll be sure to report when Pace Vegas day comes.
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