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Discussion in 'Brazil' started by Evan61, May 21, 2018.

  1. Evan61

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    We (family of 4 with 2 kids ages 4-9) are planning to visit Curitiba in mid December for about 6 days and looking for a list of attractions in & around Curitiba, especially for kids, that is activities, theme parks, child-friendly restaurants etc., any Any help is appreciated... Thanks.
  2. Andrew

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    Curitiba is one of the best destinations in Brazil for family vacation. There are a wide range of attractions and things to do are available and definitely all of them make your family trip a memorable one. Curitiba Botanical Gardens, Teatro Opera de Arame, Panoramic Tower, Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Paco da Liberdade and Beto Carrero. The Beto Carrero is the biggest entertainment park in Brazil, and a great place & fun for all ages. You can also visit the Superagui National Park which is one of the popular national parks in Brazil. Book a 1 day trip to this park and have a nice time.
  3. DavieBrown

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    You can visit Santa Catarina too if you find time. It's the best place for kids with many attractions including several islands, beaches, mountains, an aerial tram, roller coaster and more. The biggest amusement park Beto Carrero is also located very near to Santa Catarina. In addition to rides and attractions, Beto Carrero has a big zoo, themed villages and more. Your kids will absolutely love this place. The highlight of Beto Carrero park is the Fantasyland train which takes you on a amazing tour of the entire park grounds to explore the beauty & attractions of Beto Carrero, so don't miss it.
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    How about the Curitiba night life? Recommend some good pubs & nightclubs for couples. Thanks.
  5. Andrew

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    Curitiba has a variety of places & thing to do to enjoy the nightlife with options for all tastes. James Bar, Taj Bar, Txapela, Venus Club and Wood’s Bar are some of the most entertaining places. Curitiba is the coldest city, and especially, the Batel area is filled with exciting nightclubs, bars and more. You can enjoy the Brazil dining with music, dance & much more.

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