family trip to Guadalope

Discussion in 'Guadeloupe' started by mopreme, Nov 21, 2012.

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    im taking the family on a trip to the Caribbean and we have decided to travel to Guadalope. By looking at the map, it seems the island is fairly we still need to hire a car? or is it best to hire a tour guide with a car? Also, what are the must sees and things most tourists do there?

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    vacation in Guadalope

    Yes, Guadeloupe is kinda small but it actually consists of two islands. the big island is called Grande-Terre and the other is called Basse-Terre. Most tourists that visit Guadalopue do it on a cruise but if you're there on a 1 or 2 week vacation, you will plenty of time to explore both Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre. Overall, Grande-Terre has the nice beaches like Deshaies and Pointe Noire (great for snorkeling); while Basse-Terre has beautiful water falls and a lush forest.

    As far as getting around, there are buses in Guadeloupe but have no idea about their frequency. Taxis are fairly price so my suggestion is hiring a car (though do it in advance before you get there).
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    Re: vacation in Guadalope

    Actually, Guadaloupe consists of several islands. Basse Terre and Grande Terre are the most touristy ones, but the biggest one is Marie Galante. Then, there is Saint Martin... the French part of Saint Martin adjacent to Sint Maarten, the Dutch part, and Saint-Barthélemy, which is the jet set island.

    The waterfalls in the jungle of Basse-Terre are no doubt one of the highlights in Guadaloupe, but don't miss visiting the local rum distilleries for free tours.
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    getting to Guadalope

    Guadalope is great and very easy to get to by air. There are regular flights to Guadeloupe from North America, but it sometimes cheaper to get to Guadalopue by flying to other Caribbean islands first such as Martinique, Dominica and St Lucia, all of which have ferry connections to Guadeloupe. As far as local transport, it's true buses and taxis are cheap, though car rental in Guadeloupe offers the best way to explore the island.

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