famous rivers around the world

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  1. DaneDegale

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    I read some where about the importance of rivers, and that countries that have rivers are considered to be blessed...what do you guys think are the most famous and prettiest rivers?
  2. Ruby

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    The River Nile and Amazon River have to be two of the most famous rivers in the world! I have actually taken boat tours of these two rivers, and the experience was amazing! If you get the chance to go Egypt and Brazil, I'd recommend doing one of these tours.

    Other famous I can think of are the Thames River in London and the Danube River which flows through Hungary, Austria, and Croatia.
  3. Ataturk

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    The Magdalena River is the principal river of Colombia, flowing northward about 1,540 kilometres (950 miles) through the western half of the country. It takes its name from the biblical figure Mary Magdalene. It is navigable through much of its lower reaches, in spite of the shifting sand bars at the mouth of its delta, as far as Honda, at the downstream base of its rapids. It flows through the Magdalena River Valley.
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    Last year I had a journey to Germany and I found pree River, Germany the most prettiest river ever.It’s the section of the river that cuts through Berlin that is the most popular and impressive.Take a boat tour to experience some of the city’s most impressive architecture, from the so-called museum island, to the Reichstag.It’s also a joy to explore by riverside, but the view of the city from the water is unlike any other, and is a guaranteed way to spend an unforgettable day in Berlin.

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