Fastest way from Atlanta to Miami

Discussion in 'Georgia' started by Vicolette, Sep 4, 2011.

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    Other than flying, which is the fastest way to travel from Atlanta to Miami? Would driving or taking the bus be quicker? Amtrak is an option but it is not the fastest way since you have to go to Washington, DC first, before heading down to Miami. If driving, any suggestions on the quickest route to take?
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    quickest way from Atlanta to Miami

    Other than flying, I'd say that driving is the quickest, though don't take the I-95 as you can catch some nasty traffic in Jacksonville. The quickest route from Miami to Atlanta is the FL Turnpike the whole way up, though you will find a still some traffic in the West Palm area. All in all, you can make it from Atlanta to Miami in 10 hours if you dont stick to the speep limit. Otherwise, allow 13 hours;)
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    The quickest route to Miami is simply Interstate 75 south (all freeway.

    On I-75 at Naples there is a toll of US$2.50 to cross the Everglades on I-75 known as Alligator Alley.

    I-75 turns to I-595 outside Ft. Lauderdale and then it is simply a right turn onto Interstate 95 south to Miami.

    Total time about 12 hours. 100% interstate freeways.

    Simply do a mapquest or google maps.
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    Driving is definitely the fastest. We went this past spring and went to a lot of places on the way. It was so fun! We were able to stop in so many places along the way, and seeing those areas just made the trip complete and satisfying. Taking the bus is an option, but there are stops on the way, and it would probably have some layover time, too. Similarly, taking the train would extend the length of time, maybe by double, because the train will not go directly to Miami; it will meander all over and stop in different places before arriving at destination.
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    I'm trying to get to Miami for a flight to the Caribbean. Anyone knows how long Amtrac Takes?
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    Did you know that Atlanta is closer to Chicago than Miami? That seems crazy, but there is a long distance between Georgia and the end of Florida. Amtrack is kind of spotty from Atlanta. Almost all the trains go to Washington, D.C. and take forever to get to Atlanta. You could take the train to Charlotte and then head down to Miami. It might add two days to your trip. There are cheap-o flights out of the Atlanta airport. Might be your best bet.

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