Favorite Montego Bay activities

Discussion in 'Jamaica' started by wanderer, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    What's your favorite thing to do in Montego Bay? I know there are some great beaches and this is a popular spot with the cruise ships. What would you recommend? Is there more to do than just an afternoon shore leave? Is it worth an overnight in Montego Bay?
  2. dundepine2

    dundepine2 New Member

    Tons of things you can do in Montego Bay...There's a place called Luminous Lagoon, which is truly amazing and you have to see it. The water illuminates when agitated and you can see the outline of fish as they swim around. Canopy tours are also fun as well as rafting down the river o bamboo boats.
  3. superiorNoice

    superiorNoice New Member

    Visiting the Rastafari villages are great if you wan to learn about Rastafarian way of life. Other than that, Montego Bay offers many tours you can join like safari jeeps and ATV's which are a ton of fun. I did one of these off-road tours on Mt Zion...there's a church there that it's over 100 years old!

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