favourite spot in Croatia

Discussion in 'Croatia' started by rockafellows, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. rockafellows

    rockafellows New Member

    hey people! what's your favourite place to stay and visit in Croatia and Why?
  2. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    I like Pula because of the Roman ruins and Split because of the Royal Palaces. Having said this, my favourite spot in Craotia has to be Dubrovnik.

    The city of Dubrovnik is such a beautiful tourist attraction that offers tons of activities and plenty of sightseeing opportunities such as taking tours the historical old town, enjoying a bit of swimming and a sailing trip.
  3. John Dennis

    John Dennis New Member

    The Istrian peninsula, located in the westernmost part of Croatia, has always been a very unique area. The same can be said for the tourist region of Istria which, although it comprises only a single county, the County of Istria, it is without query the main tourist region of Croatia. Its quite unique qualities are the result of its location - sitting where the Mediterranean Sea suggests itself genuine into the European mainland, and being isolated from the bulk of Croatia by the Učka massif.

    The well-known natural reservations national park Brijuni and nature park Učka are legally sheltered landscapes. Other interesting localities are Lim Kanal, wood near Motovun, park woods Zlatni Rt and Å ijana near Pula, protected landscape Kamenjak in the tremendous south of Istria, the reservation Palud, (ornithology), near Rovinj. Brijuni archipelago is interesting as the habitat of about 680 plant species, also adorned by the most diverse vegetation and olive groves.
  4. hasan29

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    Villa Astra, Kvarner is the most favorite place for vacation. This is an impressive address - even for Croatia's "riviera". Vast rooms are decorated with paintings, sculptures and polished parquet. From the upper floors, tall windows look out on to a duck-egg-blue infinity pool and a garden of magnolias, camellias and palms. At the foot of the grounds is a private beach. Massage pavilions are planned for the waterfront. Nature trails snake along the shoreline and into the hills.
  5. juanm

    juanm New Member

    favorite city in Croatia

    Pula is nice, but Split is the most beautiful place in Croatia in my opinion. I know cause i live there:)..everyone should visit one day. it's an amazing city and one of the largest cities in Croatia!
  6. AvaC

    AvaC New Member

    I'm in love with Dubrovnik. I had great time there. Loved the Old City and night life

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