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Discussion in 'Sweden' started by teyonce, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. teyonce

    teyonce New Member

    Hi, I'm planning a ferry trip with my girlfriend in November to Sweden. I have been looking for Ferries From Amsterdam To Sweden with affordable budget. Which type of packages could we choose? Anybody had any experience on Ferries From Amsterdam To Sweden? My girlfriend and I want safe nice ferry trip but with cheap budget. Does anyone help?
  2. Ian W

    Ian W New Member

    I am not aware of any ferries from Amsterdam. What about from Kiel to Gothenburg? It would mean a drive or train ride to get to Kiel, or go to Frederikshavn in Denmark to also get to Gothenburg.

  3. henricooper

    henricooper New Member

    direct ferry to Sweden

    Wen you say Sweden...where abouts in Sweden? Stockholm? Malmo? Gotenburg?

    If you're planning to go to Stockholm, there are two ways to get from Amsterdam to Stockholm and they are flying, or driving.

    You can't get a direct ferry to Sweden anyway unless you ferry out to Norway and then get another ferry from there to Gotenburg. Even then, you'll have to catch a bus or drive all the way to Stockholm which is on the east coast of Sweden.

    Your best bet is to drive from Amsterdam to Sweden and use the on bridges in Denmark between Copenhagen and Malmo.
  4. sergiomarty

    sergiomarty New Member

    driving from Amsterdam to Stockholm

    Teyonce, Sweden is a big country..where exactly did you intend to go? if it is Stockholm you can forget about caching a direct ferry between Amsterdam and Stockholm unless you get an amphibious boat, which to the best of my knowledge there isn't one.

    The most feasible option would be driving from Amsterdam and doing a stopover somewhere in Germany or Denmark, or doing the entire trip in one go..mind you the whole trip will take 21 hours.
  5. frogomenii

    frogomenii New Member

    Stockholm from Amsterdam by train

    There is no ferry to Stockholm from Amsterdam buddie, but you can take a train. However, the entire trip takes about 19 hours, and you have to change trains in Copenhagen.

    So it's almost a whole day traveling on a bus so I were you I would consider making a stop for at least a day or two in Copenhagen to break up the trip a bit. Single tickets cost around €180 for adults, and half/price if you are under 25 y.o.
  6. monalisa777

    monalisa777 New Member

    take the train to Sweden instead

    Yep, agreed! You can't take a ferry from Amsterdam to Stockholm without driving through Denmark first, then catching a ferry from Copenhagen to Stockholm.

    However, you could take the train to Gothenburg or Newcastle, and then catching a second ferry from there to Amsterdam. I think the train might appeal to you if you'd rather watch the scenery on the train than spend hours waiting at the airport or driving tirelessly. Plus you could spend as much time in Copenhagen as you'd like, or maybe stop elsewhere in Sweden along the way.
  7. galletoJ

    galletoJ New Member

    Stockholm by ferry from Amsterdam isn't possible

    Last time I checked you couldnt get to Stockholm by ferry from Amsterdam. Your best bet is to drive from Amsterdam and do a stopover to sleep somewhere in Germany or Denmark. Of course, you could do the entire trip as someone else mentioned on this tread, though 20+ hours on the road is pretty crazy.

    There is also the train option though you will have to do a change in Copenhagen, though it can be done in about half the time.

  8. 87juno

    87juno New Member

    ferries to Sweden

    I've ridden a ferry to Sweden, and I can tell you that you can get regular ferry rides from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and other northern European countries. There are a number of ferry companies that carries passengers, cargo and vehicles that offer regular trips to and from Sweden. Some of the popular ones are Stena Lines, Silja Lines, Birka Cruises, Tallink Lines, Viking Lines, Scandlines, and DFDS.

    There are many ports in Sweden but if you want to get a ferry from Amsterdam to Stockholm it'd have to be Gothenburg, as Stockholm is on the east coast of Sweden.


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