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Discussion in 'France' started by wanderer, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I know there are many ways to get to France, but what about ferries? Do any cross the English channel? What about to the south of France?
  2. Sandradullock

    Sandradullock New Member

    Dover to Calais ferry

    depends where from?..I've taken the Dover to Calais ferry for a day trip and paid about £27 return, which isn;t too pricey. However I would definitely recommend taking food and drink for the ferry as the prices are extortionate.
  3. Mrs.nobody

    Mrs.nobody New Member

    sail from Dover to France

    I go to the west of France every year and I can tell you that you won't get a cheap deal from the UK during the kids holidays. Also, it's best you sail from Dover to France using the Norfolk Line rather than Brittany ferries as they're cheapest. Saying this, Brittany ferries are by far the most reliable ferry company I've used. I hope this helps you!
  4. wantJok

    wantJok New Member

    easiest way to get to France

    i've been to France by train and ferry. If you're traveling from London to Paris you can get the ferry but you need to use two trains. One from London to Dover, then the ferry to Calais, then a train to Paris. It takes around 9 hours in total so it's much longer than Eurostar (only 2¼ hours). By the way, did you know that the Eurostar is normally cheaper than train+ferry, if you book in advance?
  5. try4you

    try4you New Member

    trains and ferries are more flexible

    I agree that Eurostar is cheaper when booking in advance, but the great thing about using the train+ferry to get to France is that the trains and ferries give you more flexibility. Basically, buy a ticket and hop on' a service, with no reservation or advance booking necessary, the cost can sometimes be less than Eurostar if you can't book in advance and have to buy your tickets at very short notice or on the day of travel when all cheap Eurostar fares are sold out.
  6. krainey

    krainey New Member

    The ferries do have a lot of flexibility, and I was pretty pleased to find out that the trips are quite short. We have a list of ferries from France that has the sailing times and routes, if you need any help planning.
  7. LittleOtik

    LittleOtik New Member

    SeaFrance gone into liquidation

    Someone on this thread mentioned SeaFrance...well, you can forget about them because they have officially gone into liquidation...it looks like it will be smooth sailing for P&O who is, of course, SeaFrance's British competitor.
  8. bigbruv

    bigbruv New Member

    SeaFrance going out of business?

    I smell a governmental conspiracy imo...SeaFrance going out of business is one thing, but it's even more strange that no french companies bought out SeaFrance who was the main french rival for the British ferry company P&O..what do you think littleotik?
  9. LittleOtik

    LittleOtik New Member

    SeaFrance's collapse

    hey bigbruv...not sure about that. I read it was a french court who ruled SeaFrance should be liquidated. Having said this, I do thing there is something fishy about SeaFrance's collapse since it means a lot of french workers out of a job
  10. partofprocess22

    partofprocess22 New Member

    P&O Ferries buying SeaFrance?

    interesting ideas discussed about SeaFrance...I heard P&O Ferries is buying (or wants to buy) SeaFrance’s three ships from the company’s administrator..I thought that was quite cheeky of P&O but then, like they say..it's dog eat dog.
  11. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    It does seem like it will be the consumer that loses when there isn't as much competition out there. It will be interesting to see if fares go up. Will this all be taken care of by the summer season?

    Anyway, if you check out the article listed about there are some ferries from Nice to Corisca, so you will find some in the South of France. There are also ferries to Morocco and Italy, too.

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