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  1. suev

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    I am thinking of taking an overnight ferry from Messina in Sicily to Salerno in Italy. Can anyone tell me whether there are cabins on the ferries, or just seats?
    Thanks, Sue
  2. mitraveler

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    There's not a lot of details about this out there, but I found another forum (why would anyone go there?) through google that said there are private cabins. They are small, but they have private baths and beds where you can lay down. The traveler writing the post said it was more comfortable than taking the trains overnight.
  3. fitduy

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    Messina-Salerno ferry

    I've not taken the Messina-Salerno ferry, but I know that the ship is about 5 years old so there is both seats and cabins. A cabin on this crossing will cost 76 Euros (including fuel surcharge), plus an additional 65 Euro for a car. If you ask me I'd go with the first class reclining seat option, which only costs 30 Euros per person, si it's about half the cost of a cabin.

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