ferry from baja to puerto vallarta

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by ElCamono, Nov 14, 2014.

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    if you want to get to Puerto Vallarta by ferry from Baja you will need to first cross (car or bus) at Tijuana or Mexicali to La Paz. Once there, you have a choice of two ferry crossings with Baja Ferries from La Paz to either Topolobampo (near Los Mochis) or Mazatlan. Personally, I would opt for the Mazatlan crossing to save you the price of a hotel room and highway tolls (or bus fare).
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    Right now, only the La Paz Star truck ferry is operating between Mazatlan and La Paz. The crossing is painfully slow and takes almost a day so I strongly recommend you get your own cabin with own toilet. The ferry advertises itself as a small cruise but it's really basic,so don't expect luxurious cabins.
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    I've done this route by car and ferry and ferry is definitely cheaper and quicker. By road you're looking at 4 days travel, which means at least 3 nights in a hotel (costly). The ferry is really a good deal though like it's been said before do book a sleeping cabin as the route from La Paz to Mazatlan is a long one (14 hours). Oh don't forget the aduana checks...their a hassle but can't skip them.

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