ferry from Corfu to Saranda

Discussion in 'Albania' started by marckArcj, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. marckArcj

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    I wonder if anybody can give me details about the ferry from Corfu to Saranda (Albania). Is there any official timetable available via the internet?

  2. Jenna

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    I did some searching around to see what I could find out, and it appears that there are no official timetables which would explain why you've had difficulty finding a ferry from Corfu to Saranda timetable!

    What I can gather is that the first ferries to leave usually set sail between 8 and 10am Albanian time, and the last ferry leaves Saranda for Corfu at around 2.30pm Albanian time.

    By the way, the ferry journey from Corfu to Saranda takes just over an hour, and costs about 10EUR for a return ticket.

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