Ferry from Michigan to Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Michigan' started by wanderer, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    Lovely Lake Michigan separates Michigan from Wisconsin (well, not if you're going through the U.P.) But for lower Michigan, you have two choices for the ferry from Michigan to Wisconsin. The SS Badger goes from Ludington to Mantiowoc. It's the slow ferry. The fast ferry is the Lake Express, which motors from Muskegon to Milwaukee. I've taken the fast Lake Michigan ferry and just loved it. It's amazing how pretty it is out on the middle of the lake.
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    Lake Express Ferry

    I love taking the the Lake Express Ferry because it is an easy way to avoid going around Chicago so it's a good alternative. the ferry isn't cheap but worth it since there is also no charge for carrying a motorcycle.

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    lake michigan ferries too expensive

    I agree with the last poster that the Lake Express is a really nice alternative to the hell of driving around the Lake through Chicago. However, the price is outrageous...i remember the ferry cost about $90 a few years back, now a round trip without a car will set you $150, which is way too much!
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    It's not cheap, but imagine how much fuel that sucker uses! They're getting ready to open again for a new season in early May. I'm itching for a trip to Wisconsin, but that Chicago traffic always gets to me.

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