Ferry from Suva to Kadavu Island

Discussion in 'Fiji' started by GinnyDW, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. GinnyDW

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    Has anyone taken a ferry from Suva to Kadavu Island? Which is the best way to reach - flight or ferry? How long will it take if I go by ferry? Does anyone have any information?
  2. Andrew

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    Kadavu is my favourite Island and last July I had a vaction in Fiji. I went from Suva to Nadi by bus and reach Kadavu by a flight from Nadi. I think flight is the best option to reach Kadavu quickly. You can also go by ferry. The Lomaiviti Princess departs at 11pm in Suva on Wednesdays and reaches in Vunisea, Kadavu next day morning.

    Kadavu is a great place for underwater experiences. There’s plenty things to do & see including fishing, birdwatching, diving, surfing and kayaking. I really enjoyed the traditional Fijian food, especially the steam fish. Hope you like too. Have a wonderful vacation at Fiji.
  3. Vegasgrl

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    I have been in Kadavu Island more than 5 times, and it's my favorite island in Fiji. It's a paradise for sea-kayaking and I booked through the travel company called Tamarillo. Tours can be booked from one to seven days, and we have taken 7 days tour. And our trip includes accommodation, food, equipment, guided sea kayaking & other activities and vehicle and boat transfers. So you can also try a sea-kayaking while you are in Kadavu Island, and explore the beauty of Kadavu.

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