Ferry to Ometepe Island

Discussion in 'Nicaragua' started by SharkAttk, May 30, 2017.

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    Does anyone have recent experience of travelling in a ferry from San Jorge to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua? Is there any other way of transportation? Also, need help on must see Ometepe Island attractions... Thanks in advance...
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    The quiet Ometepe Island which is located in the middle of Central America’s biggest lake, Lake Nicaragua is one of my favourite places, and you can get to this island main port Moyogalpa by boat or ferry from San Jorge. The cost will vary depends on the type of boat. The ferry travel is the only way to reach the Ometepe Island, but there are frequent trips with multiple options such as small Lancha boats, ferry boats etc.,

    When you get there, you can choose local bus, shared taxi, car rental, motorbike rental or taxi tour to get around Ometepe. Dual volcanoes - Concepcion and Maderas are this Island's most famous feature, and you can enjoy waterfalls, tropical forests, swimming, hiking, kayaking and many more things. Ometepe is a mesmerizing place of Nicaragua, so enjoy & have more fun.

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