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    what is Fiji main airport and where do people choose to land on normally?
    Also, is there smaller airports in Fiji by any chance? thanks for any ideas!
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    hi there,

    The most popular fights to Fiji landing in Nadi are from Auckland, New Zealand; Brisbane, Australia; Los Angeles, California; Melbourne, Australia; New York, New York; Sydney, Australia; and Tokyo, Japan.

    The other major airport is Suva Nausori International Airport which is just a short 30 minutes drive from downtown Suva.

    Most major airlines will accommodate flights to Fiji landing in Nadi and Suva, while smaller airlines in the islands can take you to the more remote and smaller islands with airports.

    Both Suva Nausori International Airport and Nadi Airport offer all the modern conveniences one would expect from any major airport.

    Other smaller airports that dot the islands can be found include Cicia, Kadavu, Labasa, Moala, Bureta, Vanuabalavu, Gau, Rotuma, Koro, Savusavu, and Matei.

    Hope this helps

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