Fiji Holiday in December with a baby?

Discussion in 'Fiji' started by anxious mum, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. anxious mum

    anxious mum New Member

    We are getting married in Fiji in December and Im tempted to take our new baby along as I dont want to leave her behind. Im worried that the HEAT and MOSQUITOS might make our holiday hell with a baby. Can anyone advise if a December holiday with a 2 month old is do-able or not worth it or any other relevant info.... PLEASE !!!!
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Taking children to Fiji between December and April is not advisable as its a rainy season and crowded for numerous festivals. So try to avoid your Fiji tours during this time and try to book your Fiji tours between March and November and enjoy the warm and sunny weather. And many of the small Fiji resorts do not accept young children, but the Plantation Island resort, which is located in the west of Nadi allows children to stay and children under two can stay for free. Two kids under 16 can also share a room here with their parents for free, even child-minding service is also available in this resort. Plantation Island resort offers wide range of wild activities and it's a perfect spot for any type of Fiji tours.

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