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    what do Fiji Island vacations usually include and do they include GOV taxes? Also, where in Fiji can you get the best vacation deals and when is the best time?

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    hi there,

    Fiji Island vacations often include not only your airline tickets, but also include roundtrip transfers, 6 nights hotel accommodations, all hotel VAT and GOV taxes, along with many other great Fiji vacation deals.

    One of the best ways to book the best Fiji Island vacations is to book your Fiji vacations during the off-season when other vacationers are not planning to visit. This is when you can find the best deals of airfare, hotel accommodations, and of course, the attractions will be as crowded so you can enjoy a more tranquil and relaxing time.

    Nadi is one of Fiji vacation spots that offer a wide-ranging selection of Fiji vacation deals. The reason Nadi is one of the most popular vacations spots in Fiji are due to the attractions and activities it holds.

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