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Discussion in 'Flights' started by Jenna, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Jenna

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    Here it's some handy tips for finding best deals on airfare:

    1. Try flying when business travelers and vacationers aren't! airfares are based on supply and demand, and the higher the airfare demand the more expensive flight tickets become.

    2. Search for fares in the middle of the day, and the middle of the week as business travelers fly a lot of Monday mornings and Friday evenings.

    3. Be flexible with travel dates and times.

    4. If you favor price, book a multiple leg flight.

    5. Book airfare 2-3 months in advance if possible since airlines set aside a certain number of discount seats many months ahead.

    6. Buy directly from the airline to purchase airfare to avoid extra charges.
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    Check out Travelocity website where you will find cheap flight fares on all flight deals.
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    you can try travel agencies and get the the best result for airfare. Some travel site below
  4. lusylaw

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    you can help the trust able travel agencies and get the best deals on airfare.Some trust able travel agencies are:
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    Thanks Jenna for handy tips for finding best deals on airfare.

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