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Discussion in 'Destination360 Copyright and DMCA settlements' started by krainey, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. krainey

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    Hey All,

    Here's a short video made by Destination360 on how to use the Google Images advanced search function to find copyright free images Copyright Video.
  2. backat1

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    it's kinda confusion because of the terms Creative Commons, royalty-free images, etc. I think most people think if the image is on Google is FREE. Google should be catching heat for not really explaining to the public that they do not own anything, let alone any images.
  3. Jimmi2

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    Creative Commons means that you can use the image but you will need to link back to the source. If you plan to use the images commercially, use Wikimedia Commons or Creative Commons. by the way, the larger royalty-free image websites have usually a deal with Shutterstock so they get access to their images in exchange for backlinks.

  4. d360

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    Here's a guide on finding copyright free images by Michael Cain with Destination360

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