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Discussion in 'Guatemala' started by dlt, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. dlt

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    I am traveling alone to Guatemala for 6 weeks, and this is my first time travel to overseas. Can anyone tell any experiences about Guatemala?
  2. d360

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    If your looking for recommendations on where to travel here's a few of my favorite things to do in Guatemala. First Lake Atitlan is a beauitul lake framed by two active volcanoes and only 45 minutes out of Guatemala City you can visit the colonial city of Antigua known for its architecture and spanish language schools.

    If you want to really pack in your trip and you find Mayan ruins interesting be sure to visit Tikal which is a flight into the town of flores and then a bus or cab ride to the ruins. To appreciate Tikal spend the night at one of the Tikal hotels and watch a sunset from the ruins.

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