First time to Myanmar: what is the most imporant thing to know?

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    Myanmar's rustic beauty is truly worth exploring. There are a few important notes you should know to prepare a better trip:

    Weather condition
    - The best time to get a holiday in Myanmar is the cool season (October to February) when the temperature are more moderates and there is little or no rain. During this time, the peak months are the busiest, so the flights and accomodation are likely to be booked up far in advance. Since this country’s tourism industry is still new so obviously there are not enough beds during the busy period.
    - Myanmar experiences monsoons and wild stomrs with temperatures soaring to over 40°C from May – October. River travel may be difficult in this period.

    More detailed here: A Guide To Plan Your Trip To Myanmar - Travel Guide - BestPrice Travel

    Currency exchange
    - Myanmar currency in circulation is Kyat. However the US dollar is widely used as an alternative currency, particularly for large purchases.
    - The acceptable exchange rate is 1300 kyat = 1 USD.
    - Don’t worry about ATMs in local currency in Myanmar but the use of ATMs is sometimes restricted by internet failure.

    Necessary stuffs
    - Myanmar is a Buddhist country that is quite conservative in clothing, especially when visiting temples.
    - Bring umbrella or raincoat if you visit Myanmar from May through October. - Leave your jewelries at home.
    - Always keep bottle of water with you.
    - Be careful when you want to take pictures. Sometimes you need to ask for a permit in advance.
    - You can try THANAKA, special Myanmar's sunscreen, the Myanmar people usually apply cream on their cheeks, nose and forehead. Their faces look so funny and strange but it protects skin from sunlight very well.

    Cities in Myanmar
    Detailed info about each city here: Top cities - Myanmar Travel Guide - BestPrice Travel
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    I think the most important things is wether. When i was in Ngapali beach, i felt quite hot. Visitors should prepare sun cream. Some myanmar beach destinations where you should prepare sun scream likes ngapali ngwe saung.

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