first time trip to Fiji - need suggestions

Discussion in 'Fiji' started by DWilliams, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. DWilliams

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    Looking for nice accommodation, but not high-end in Kadavu Island. We prefer all-inclusive, but not meals. Any nice accommodation suggestions would be great. We have about 3 weeks to go.
  2. Andrew

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    Kadavu Island is the most popular island of Fiji and has plenty places to stay & see. Birdwatching, snorkelling, sea-kayaking tours and a lot more to do. Kadavu has guest houses, high-end resorts, budget rooms, but many of the places accessible only by boat. Kadavu is not miss place woever travel to Matana Beach Resort, Mai Dive Astrolabe Reef Resort, Tiliva Resort and Waisalima Beach Resort are some of the nice resorts to stay. You may find a place in the south, closer to the Great Astrolabe Reef which offers natural, but enjoyable stay. All-inclusive packages are available with airport transfers, full board accommodation and scuba diving activities. Pre-book your accommodation online and enjoy your trip.
  3. verburg123

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    I highly recommend Matana beach resort. The location is perfect and even though you don't want to include meals, you must try at least one day, because it is the most delicious food I personally have ever tasted. A lot of fresh seafood and fresh salads. I went to Matana Beach Resort last month and it is especially for activity-seekers perfect, because of the beach. I went diving and snorkeling. They also offer a special route for hiking. You can book online immediately and it will not take long. Also, the people there are truly friendly.

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