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Discussion in 'Brazil' started by ju_321, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. ju_321

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    I'm off to the Amazon in mid May and wanted to know if anyone could recommend any boat or fishing trips that I could go on. Nothing luxurious as I'm just doing this part alone. I'm there from 14-24 May and then flying down to Buenos Aires.

  2. Ruby

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    Hi Julian,

    I can suggest Explorations Inc as they do a range of Brazil River toursalong the Amazon jungle, so it is worth checking them out. They're located on Bonita Springs...Phone: 1-239-992-9660
  3. may is not the best time of the year to go fishing in amazon, because for peackok bass fishing you need to come during the low season of the river, that starts in june and goes through november, so the best time is surely in september when the rivers are low and you can have better results, but you can go for a fishing tour in an area near manaus for about 150 BRL a day with meals included but not so much confort.

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