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    we've never been to Wyoming and we're on the process on planning a fishing vacation in Wyoming. we're semi-experienced but one of us is a bit of a novice so we're looking for locations to suit us all.

    Also have u got any other ideas to make our fishing vacation any more affordable?...any input anyone?
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    Hi there,

    Snake River is one of the best fishing locations for both novice and experienced anglers and the river is home to a unique trout known as the Fine-spotted Snake River Cutthroat Trout.

    Yellowstone River also offers great fishing for anglers and the river is renowned for cutthroats averaging 16-18 inches and 1-2 pounds.

    Most of the resorts in and around Yellowstone National Park offer cheap Wyoming fly fishing trips but if you truly want a cheap fishing vacation, take an RV and camp at Yellowstone or other national park. Having said this, remember you must first get a Wyoming fishing license before you can legally fish in Wyoming.

    Hope this helps

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