Flatiron Flyer from Denver to Boulder

Discussion in 'Colorado' started by pund4pund, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. pund4pund

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    Denver’s Regional Transportation District has introduced express 57-passenger bus service, called the Flatiron Flyer, that will run from Denver to Boulder along the highway shoulders to bypass traffic backups. The one-way, roughly 30-mile trip takes around 40 minutes, depending on time of day. The ride costs $4.50 one way.
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    Apparently, the Flatiron Flyer does not still have privilege to drive on the shoulder becauese Colorado lawmakers has not passed yet a bill granting an exemption. It really is a major oversight after 6 years and nobody picking up on that.

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    Thanks, good to know.
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    so cheap? :O

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