Flight 93 Memorial Dedicated

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania' started by wanderer, Sep 10, 2011.

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    Ten years after Sept. 11, the Flight 93 National Memorial is being dedicated. The site is located in Shanksville, where the flight crashed. The heroes on board fought the terrorists and saved another attack on Washington. The memorial has been 10 years in the works, and more tourism items are planned for the future, including a visitor center.

    During the dedication this weekend, former president Bush and Laura Bush will be there, and current vice president Biden will be speaking. Many families and friends will be there, honoring the memory and heroism of those on board the flight.

    This is the only Sept. 11 site open to the general public this weekend. Events at Ground Zero and the Pentagon are by invitation only.
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    The first phase of the national memorial is open anytime you want to visit (well, during business hours), but you don't need to wait until Sept. 11 to visit.

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