Flights from Dallas to US Virgin Islands

Discussion in 'US Virgin Islands' started by magizoe, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. magizoe

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    hello, Need help on flights from Dallas to US Virgin Islands... I really like to stay & spend more time at Water Island.. My budget is extremely tight, so please suggest some low fair tickets and budget accommodation. welcoming all advice. thank you.
  2. Andrew

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    You can book through Saint Thomas flights from Dallas to US Virgin Islands and the cost will come around $550. You can travel by a ferry or a private water taxi/boat from St.Thomas to Water Island.

    The quiet beaches are the notable attractions of Water Island and you can find a great selection of beaches with lots of water activities. Honeymoon Beach, Sprat Bay Beach and Emerald Beach are very calm & less crowded beaches to explore the beautiful tropical island.

    Snorkeling is one of the popular acativities in Water Island, and the Fort Segarra, Hassel Island Historic Park and Butterfly Garden are some of the must see attractions. Check out US Virgin Islands hotels page for nice hotels and book the one that suits you.

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