flights from New Orleans to Cuba

Discussion in 'Cuba' started by wanderer, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. wanderer

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    Big travel news on the horizon: flights from New Orleans to Cuba will soon be allowed. Direct service from the Louis Armstrong Airport to the island will soon be available. The exact airlines and details have yet to be announced. The flights will be restricted, as to be expected. Right now, it looks like medical and agricultural personnel will be allowed along with those with close family members in Cuba.
  2. biooil

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    direct flights from New Orleans to Cuba

    I think it was about time they started talking about direct flights to Cuba since there's a lot of us Cubans living there (specially in New Orleans), and we do like to go back over to Cuba to visit our families. In fact, before the only way to get to Havana would be through Miami, which made the whole trip lengthy and expensive. Saying all this, Im not getting my hopes up yet about New Orleans since airport officials are still waiting for a company to step up and make it a reality!
  3. winterbreak

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    direct flights to Cuba still not a reality

    I agree with the last poster about not getting one's hopes about this latest air travel move on Cuba. Im hearing that travel to Cuba will still be highly restricted, and that Cubans must have close relatives in Cuba or must be involved in the medical or agricultural business sectors. Call me pessimistic but that move in itself leaves out in the cold most ordinary Cubans
  4. wanderer

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    I would think that the time will come where Cuba will be more open to travelers. The Obama administration is working on opening it up, but there's still lots of politics involved. Plus, the Cuban infrastructure is not strong enough yet to handle the influx of new travelers. At least this is a start.
  5. eventhorizon

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    direct flights to Cuba

    New Orleans isn't the only can now fly en-route to Cuba via Key West also, which means just 45 minutes from the Caribbean island. Then again, this comes with restrictions...apprently, Customs and Border Protection will only allow the airport to charter flights containing a maximum of 10 passengers.
  6. thieryhenrii

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    open travel to Cuba

    Given the cultural similarities of Havana and New Orleans offering a direct flight is a no brainier. this would mean no waiting in Houston or Atlanta for hours...great news! Now, all we need is all US airports to allow open travel to/ from Cuba.
  7. zara12

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    approved flights to Cuba

    More U.S. airports are now offering charter flights to Cuba though the dreaded trade embargo still bans tourist travel to Cuba. whatever the case, the new propose airports (New Orleans and Keywest) is a welcome sign for Cubans...they need to start approving more and more airports so Cubans will be able to visit their families in Cuba:)
  8. forti6

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    more flights to Cuba from US

    because of the U.S. embargo, tourism to Cuba in general has been off limits to us Americans, and even with the latest move on allowing direct flights from N.O, Tampa, Key West, and Miami it doesn't change that fact that they're being wishy-washy about the whole thing.

    Take for instance Key West, the approval for the city of Key West prohibits the average American to Cuba and it limits the number of arriving passengers to just 10 per flight...give me a break!
  9. t@m@r@

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    here it's the latest on flights to Cuba from the states: Houston' George Bush Intercontinental Airport is another US airport that has received permission to create a charter flight to Cuba, though the flight is expected to begin service by the end of the year...fingers crossed by the end of the year Americans will be able to travel to Cuba without any silly travel restrictions.
  10. afee098

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    Cuba open to U.S. tourism

    New Orleans was Cuba's largest trading partner in the United States before the embargo. I reckon that if Cuba were to open to U.S. tourism, Louisiana would stand to benefit because cruise companies would likely plan itineraries from New Orleans to Havana and local companies would find new export markets in Cuba.
  11. breakonsun

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    As far as I knew there is only 9 US airports where you can arrange charter flights to Cuba...they are O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, and the international airports in Baltimore, Dallas/Fort Worth, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Atlanta and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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