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Discussion in 'Honduras' started by bacfas, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. bacfas

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    How to get into Guanaja from San Francisco, are there any direct flights available, please suggest some cheap airlines for my 5 days vacation at Guanaja. What are the points of interest to enjoy in Guanaja? is it have any less crowded beach? thanks for any advice:)
  2. Lynnie81

    Lynnie81 Moderator

    For cheap flights use our Flights Comparison Tool. This will quote you the cheapest flights to Honduras from several different airlines. To get to the island you will need to catch the Guanaja ferry leaves from Trujillo in northern Honduras. I would suggest it would be best to check this in advance.

    When you arrive in Guanaja there are all sorts of things that you can do. We have a page where you can check out information on the Honduras Beaches or if you are interested in diving there is also a page that will give you information on some diving spots.
  3. bacfas

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    hi, i have gone through the pages which were referred in your response, really helpful. i booked my ticket only last week and now my 2 friends are interested in Guanaja vacation, so i need to book for them as well :))

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