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Discussion in 'Flights' started by lusylaw, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. lusylaw

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    Anyone help me for Manila flights.I and my friends will go to Manila from London in May 2012.I want to cheapest and direct flights to Manila.Please give me best suggestion for flights.
  2. Was£1.50

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    London to Manila

    here aren't any direct flights to Manila from will have to get a transit flight with either Cathay Pacific or Saudi Arabian Airlines who will stop over in Hong Kong. It is about a 12hr flight from London heathrow airport and hong kong. Once there, you will change planes (1hr transit is possible), then take the 2hr flight to manila
  3. Que-sera

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    flying to manila from UK

    the only airline that flew directly from london to manila was Philippine Airlines but there were banned by the european union from using their airspace...can you believe that? Saying this, you won;t find problems getting to the Philippines if you are flying from the last poster said Cathay, Saudi are two options from London, though Emirates is another option for the rest of UK.

  4. doorsXP

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    hubs to Manila

    lay overs at middleastern airports such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are cheapest, but you also have the hubs at Hong Kong, Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore which are very good. The only downside, in my experience with using these hubs is that it tends to be a much longer connection time than middle east.

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