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Discussion in 'Mississippi' started by Dontknow, Feb 2, 2010.

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    we live in Washington DC and we'll be flying out to Mississippi for our vacation in March..what airport service flights from DC? also, what advice would you give us when booking flights to Mississippi online?

    many thanks
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    hi there,

    Most people that fly out from DC land at Jackson International and since this is a popular airport, you are most likely to find discount airline fares the Mississippi airlines offer.

    However, expect to pay roughly $400.00 for a return-flight to Jackson International from Washington DC but make sure to check all prices and taxes before.

    Regarding online flights, when looking for flights to Mississippi online make sure what the booking fees include.

    Sometimes you will find a travel site selling tickets to different airports in Mississippi but make sure to check the costs of booking directly with the airlines as sometimes you can save quite a bit.

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