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    Anyone visiting Curacao should add to their itinerary the floating market. The floating market is run by Venezuelans and consists of some boats carrying fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and some other typical Venezuelan produces and products. The floating market docks in the center of Punda every day.
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    Floating Market Willemstad

    this floating market is fairly small but easily accessible by foot from the Queen park...it's in total like about 20 wooden boats/stalls selling Venezuelan products like fruits, fish, figurines, etc. Great place to stock up on fruits and snacks.
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    it's funny because when I first visited the market I expected it all to be a "proper floating market". It turns out the whole market itself doesn’t float aside from some of the boats dock by the side of the port. The history behind this market is why you want to visit it. Venezuelan sailors live aboard their boats during their months in Willemstad, creating their own little Spanish community within the historic town.

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