Flooding in Myanmar

Discussion in 'Myanmar' started by deldeN, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. deldeN

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    The worst disaster Myanmar has had since Nargis is taking place in the form of horrendous flooding, mostly in the low-lying areas in the southwestern delta. There has been many hundreds of fatalities as well as destroyed rice crops and homes.
  2. guys34

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    I heard bits and pieces about this...it looks like the Chin state in northwest Myanmar is experiencing heavy landslides and they're calling it the worst event to date. It's hard to know for sure how bad it really is because the media sometimes sensationalizes certain events (like ebola) which then don't turn out to be as bad as they make.
  3. Divaa

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    How these places always get hit by disasters like that when they could do without them. Not too long ago it was the earthquake in Nepal and the cyclone in the Vanuatu islands. Now, the flooding in Myanmar. I think the infrastructure in these places must be revamped and better organized to prevent, or at least, alleviate the suffering when disasters do occur.

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