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Discussion in 'Costa Rica' started by 09oplkiu, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. 09oplkiu

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    We're flying into Costa Rica next month and will be there for a week. We're headed to Limon and Arenal. Any suggestions on other places, great rides and inexpensive places to stay (other than camping) and where to get a good dual sport for 2 up?
  2. Danny

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    You can spend sometime in the rain forest south of Limon at a Yoga retreat, and enjoy great rafting east of San Jose on class 4 rapids. there is a company called Adventure Naturals does an overnight trip where you get to stay in huts in the middle of the jungle and take out excursions.

    By the way, Are you flying in to San Jose or Limon? The reason I ask is because there are no motorcycle rentals in Limon.

    If you're looking for a dual sport rental, there is also a Harley rental in the San Jose area but then you are limiting yourself to the paved roads.
  3. LisaValencia

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    Go to Arenal at the beginning or at the end of you trip. It is on the other side of San Jose from Limon. And you don't want to stay in Limon. There is really not much there for tourists. Stay in the Puerto Viejo area. (I live there.) Rocking J's is fun and cheap. (Google it) You'll find lots to do. Don't know about the motorcycle rental. I think you'll need to find that in San Jose. But there are plenty of beautiful places to ride around here. Most of the back roads are dirt though and you'll find lots of pot holes - just so you know. If you plan to explore look for a good map before you leave the States. I just got one at Borders that is better than any map I have ever seen in Costa Rica! Have fun!

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