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Discussion in 'Denmark' started by abitoda3, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. abitoda3

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    I am considering a trip to Denmark to visit friends in the next few weeks routing through Norwich and then across the water. I'd appreciate advice from anyone who has flown into Denmark as to what things I should look out for and what I should prepare both on arrival and in transit. thanks!
  2. Danny

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    One thing I can tell you is that most flights to Denmark land in Copenhagen airport, which is probably the best airport, and your best bet since it offers the cheapest flights in and out of Denmark.

    Also, to help you save money there is the SAS which offers a Visit Scandinavia Air Pass, that will allow you to get airfare tickets heavily discounted. Having said this, these pass is only available if bought in conjunction with a round trip ticket from your country of origin - since Denmark flights are often the cheapest of the Scandinavian airports, these almost always include a stop in the Danish capital.

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