Flying to Pokhara from Katmandu

Discussion in 'Nepal' started by TeamAmer, Jan 23, 2013.

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    hi> we're 4 travelers planning a trip to Nepal and will be arriving in Katmandu. From there, we plan to visit Pokhara but we're wondering whether to bus it or fly there? Also, what hotels would you recommend there and is there a lot to see and do in Pokhara?
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    it's a good thing you're arriving in Kathmandu...many tourist don't but I think spending the first few nights in Kathmandu is great for acclimatizing yourself to the country. Flying to Pokhara from Kathmandu will cost you more then getting the bus so it will really depend on your budget, though buses are very cheap and safe. Traveling by bus also means you get to enjoy the beautiful Nepalese scenery so I would definitely suggest catching the tourist bus.
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    things so see and do in Pokhar

    There are many things so see and do in Pokhar like taking a boat ride along Fewa Lake, visiting the Peace Pagoda, David Falls, Gupteshor Mahadev cave, and enjoy beautiful views of Annapurna from the top of Sarangkot hill station. Regarding hotel recommendations, I would suggest the Hotel Lake Diamond which is in a quite location and it's run by a small family.
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    There are only two airlines operating in Pokhara. They are Buddha Air and Yeti Air. Prices are similar between them but Yeti has better safety record and customer service. Expect to pay between $80 and $90.
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    Flying from pokhara to kathmandu is one of the best option if you are in hurry as bus takes 6 hours to reach kathmandu.

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