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Discussion in 'Montana' started by AimAtMe, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. AimAtMe

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    hello guys,

    We'll be flying out to Montana in early spring and we're planning to do lots of outdoor activities...regarding cuisine and food in Montana, what can expect to eat or what do you suggest?
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    hi there,

    There is no shortage when it comes to meat dishes and elk steaks, bison burgers, and deer jerky are just some of the things that you can try when it comes to food in Montana.

    Also, when visiting some of the restaurants in Montana, you might enjoy some more classic beef dishes such as a good steak or burger.

    I would also recommend, at least, trying a venison steak at one of the Montana restaurants, you can have it cooked in a savory port wine sauce or simple roasted, delicious!

    Hope this helps

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