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Discussion in 'Mongolia' started by mitraveler, Sep 3, 2012.

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    What's the food like in Mongolia? What is a popular local dish? I would imagine it involves a lot of dairy products since Mongolia is bing on herding.
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    Mongolian food

    Mongolian food is very subtle... apparently Mongolians dont like cooking with too many spices, just some good ol' salt and pepper. Boiled mutton is a popular delicacy there and so is marmot. Apart from that, that's about as exciting as Mongolian food gets.
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    Re: Mongolian food

    you couldn't be more wrong about Mongolian people. Mongolian food isn't just about meat. In the countryside they do mostly meats but that doesn't mean Mongolia hasn't got a cuisine of its own. Most people in Ulaanbaatar city eat differently to the people on the countryside...just like most people do anywhere they live out of the city. Still, most Mongolians have a varied diet that consists of fruits, mushrooms, nuts and plants of wheat, barley, millet, etc

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