football stadium for learning football?

Discussion in 'Argentina' started by shane001, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Hi, could anyone please help me out in this one.. my friend is getting shifted to Argentina. and his little son Keith is a very keen admirer of football.... so please could anyone suggest me some good stadiums so that i can suggest him for his son... and please if you can tell me the fees for that i'll be highly thankful
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    Hi there,

    I found the Rolo Zapata soccer academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Rolo Zapata academy is a coeducational training center where kids can develop their football skills and interact with other kids. It caters for all ages and abilities so this soccer academy might be what you are looking for.The summer camp soccer program is between $200-$500

    Hope this helps
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    If you want to go see a game, I'd recommend doing it with a large organized group. Games can get pretty rowdy here, and If you are thinking of your safety (especially if you are with a child) then going with a group and a guide should keep you out of trouble. That way you can enjoy the game and not have to worry about anything else!

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