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Discussion in 'Travel News' started by rogerbinny, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. rogerbinny

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    Hi everyone,

    we group of 12 members plan for a trip in Maldives. Is it worthy to spent 10 days over there? currently we in India. Need some personal advice . Thanks in advance

  2. deldeN

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    India to Maldives flight

    Air India flies directly from Bangalore to Male (Maldives) for about $300 per person, but if you take into consideration staying there and hotels costs, you're looking at probably $1300 per person or more. The Maldives is beautiful but most resorts there are very expensive and rates are often over $1,000 per night.
  3. Jenna

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    Are you all family members or friends? What kind of stuff do you want to do? You should know that Maldives don't really offer a lot in terms of attractions aside from water sports like jet skiing, etc. Most people that visit the Maldives are wealthy retired people, couples or honeymooners.
  4. duncanKolo

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    advice on trip to the Maldives

    My advice to you would be not to book your trip through a travel agent because they rip you off and their service is pointless. So, don't bother getting a package tour from a travel agent and check directly with the resorts in Maldives or airlines that fly there because they often have special promotions that travel agents won't tell you about.

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