Fort Lauderdale Beach erosion

Discussion in 'Beaches' started by Vicolette, Apr 18, 2013.

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    There's good news for travelers making their way to the Sunshine state. This past March, a strip along A1A was heavily damaged due to storms creating 7ft to 10ft waves that continuously pounded the barrier wall causing it to crumble. This caused erosion along Fort Lauderdale Beach. The restoration project that began March 25 to bring in tons of new sand was completed three weeks early, which is good news since tourists were concerned about the state of the beaches. All's well, so come on down to the best beaches in town - plus fantastic food and entertainment - on Florida's east coast.
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    it's good news indeed since with projects like this they tend to take years and years, while keep pumping tax payers money into the ocean (pun intended!). At $3 million, I hope this beach erosion project was worth the money.
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    Beach erosion is affecting Fort Lauderdale's beach shoreline much more than just the small strip of A1A. It's a good job they fixed this section though because there are million-dollar homes who would lose their entire homes if the shoreline was not reconstructed and sand pumped in from offshore. I fear our Fort Lauderdale coast line will erode further not just in that little A1A strip.
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    With Florida beaches playing a significant role in drawing in tourist dollars, anytime there's an issue with beach erosion, problems with red tide or oil spills, it has a negative impact. It was good to know the Fort Lauderdale folks took care of this problem in a timely manner.
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    Here's a recent Dec 2012 view attached from Las Olas Boulevard north end of Fort Lauderdale.

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    That pic makes me want to hop in my car and make the trip from the east coast of east coast to Fort Lauderdale. We have nice beaches on the Gulf and the Atlantic side of things is equally impressive!

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