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    I am visiting Las Vegas at the end of July this year, Monday-Thursday. During this time I am very keen to see the night time view from the Foundation Room balcony at the top of Mandalay Bay.

    I have read many reviews of the venue but it seems to be a bit mysterious and noone seems to know the full story. This is typified by the Mandalay Bay Hotel official website; It advertises the Foundation Room as one of it's "signature restaurants" yet, contains very liitle information about it, and strangely directs you to, an equally vague, external website.

    Is there any well informed locals or some very recent visitors that could help me answer any of the following questions?

    Membes Only:
    Do you have to be a member to gain access?
    Or is being a guest at the "Mandalay Bay Hotel" or "The Hotel at Mandalay Bay" enough to gain access?
    Or can anyone gain access?

    Opening Times:
    Are there certain opening times for non members/non-guests?

    Can non-members/guests make dinner/seating reservations?
    Do you need a reservation to gain access? How far in advance?

    Are you able to take pictures on the balcony?
    Ideally I would like to use a tripod - Is this likely to be possible?

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

  2. guillermo2

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    The Foundation Room at the Mandalay Bay is a members-only lounge, but if you're a guest at the hotelyou can access this area.

    The Foundation Room is always busy though, so I'd recommend making a reservation for a Tue-Thurs to avoid large crowds.

    As far as being able to take pictures on the balcony, I have seen a tripod on the patio, but the patio is not as large as those at Voodoo so unless you get out there really early you probably won't have room.

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