Fourth Annual Nebraska Pop Festival

Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by Vicolette, Jun 28, 2012.

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    With so many music festivals going on, I just wanted to let folks know about the upcoming festival July 10 through July 15 in Columbus. This is no small fest they've got going on in Nebraska . There are 50 independent bands lined up and ready to go from cities across the US and abroad. If you're in the area or plan to be and want to hear some creative new music, check this one out.
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    Nebraska Pop Festival 2012

    yep, I wouldn't miss for the world! Im glad Omaha hosts such a great music event bringing the best bands from all across the country. Here it's the details for the performances:

    The July 10th show is @ Shamrock's Pub and Grill.
    The July 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and July 15th shows are all at Barley Street Tavern.

    July 10th performers as follows: The Anatomy of Frank (Virginia) - Classes (Nebraska) - Le-Li (Italy)
    Croaker (Wisconsin) - Sad Navigator (Kansas City) + 1 TBA;

    July 11th performers as follows: Saara Markkanen (Finland/Germany) - Tony Memmel (Wisconsin) - Brutal Pheasant (Nebraska) - Amy Schmidt and The Restless Things (Nebraska) - Miss Fick (Nebraska) - No Triangles (Nebraska);

    July 12th performers as follows: Br'er (Pennsylvania) - Orion Walsh (Nebraska) - Chasing Shade (Iowa) - Seedlings (Iowa) - In Love (Nebraska) - Elijah Jett (Nebraska);

    July 13th performers as follows: Field Club (Nebraska) - Markus & the Diversion Sessions (Iceland) - Howard (Nebraska) - Saara Norris (Germany/Finland) - Well Aimed Arrows (Nebraska) - Claire and The Crowded Stage (Kansas City)

    July 14th performers as follows: Laura K Balke (Indiana) - Island Alumni (Nebraska) - The Tinycakes (Illinois) - Dead Leaves (Nebraska) - Citizen Genet (New York) - Matty Cries (Washington)

    July 15th performers as follows: Danny Sabra & Friends (Nebraska) - Gilbe (Iowa) - Electric Needle Room (Nebraska/Kansas) - Animals In Human Attire (Wisconsin) - Think Like Computers (Kansas City) - Gamma Goat (Nebraska)
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    The lineup for the festival looks like an interesting mix of styles and talent so it should be a good one. There sure are a lot of fun things to do in Nebraska!

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