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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Nightlife and Afterhours' started by nora, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. nora

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    Hi there, how do you get into clubs for free? My girlfriends and I were out this weekend, and, the clubs at Mandalay Bay and MGM were telling us there was a cover. We went into a bar, and asked the waitress for suggestions. She was surprised, because we were all girls. But, she gave us a good tip and we got into a club without paying the cover, which they were going to charge us.

    How do you get into clubs for free? I hate paying covers! I don't care about VIP access, I just want to get in, drink, and dance a bit. Any tips?

  2. swrdy

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    I thought that if you were of the female persuassion that they would let you in for free but obviously that must be wrong. All clubs that I've looked at made the guy's pay as having been chatting with my lil bro about where to hit when we come into Vegas next month for his bday, being Scottish though we don't dance much but sure make up for it by drinking!
  3. MikeEvans

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    I've found getting there early gets you a free club pass. I was at Treasure Island in April, and they were handing out free passes to its Tangerine club to anyone and everyone (yes, even ugly people ;) This was around 7:30pm - 8pm-ish on a Saturday night.

    Same thing happened with Coyote Ugly at New York New York last year. Hang around early when no-one else is in the club, and you should get a free ticket.
  4. VegasEd

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    Start by reading this

    As mentioned, some clubs scout the casino floor to try to bring people in early, but don't expect that everywhere...tipping works for females also...unless you are a local female, you pay cover in most clubs in VEGAS...many cities allow females in free to attract the guys and build traffic, but this is VEGAS, they have the traffic, so they dont need to do that...a group of girls can still slip past the lines with a smile and small tip to the doorman ($20-$40 for a group of four should do it (still cheaper than the cover and lets you skip the lines)...tipping them is their main source of income, so you help them, they help you..common sense right?...

    the earlier the higher the chance of this working..dont expect to show up at PURE at midnight and expect anything other than a long wait...LONG wait, regardless of how many girls there are...

    The main complaints i hear among door personnel is that people come to vegas and think the rules in their cities apply here, they dont!...why do girls expect to get in places free? isnt this 2007, where there should be equality? Sure, work the guys and have them pay, I have NO problem with that, just don't expect everyone to be giving when you you refuse to give....its amazing how far politeness and supporting someone with a tip will get's just $20...what is that in the grand scheme of your overall trip costs?... how much did you pay to come to Vegas? chances are you are going to spend at least $1000, so show some generosity to people trying to make a living....(ok, off my soapbox now...but, seriously)
  5. MikeEvans

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    Fair point - we don't normally tip the doorman in the UK, so I guess I'm as guilty as anyone of assuming the rules in my town applied in Vegas as well. To be fair, I wasn't expecting a free pass - we fully expected to pay the cover charge - but it was a nice surprise nonetheless.
  6. everyann

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    I agree! Just pay the cover or tip the man! I'm a woman and I like freebies as much as the next person but just think how much frustration you can save if you just slip the doorman some money. You came to Vegas to have a good time...stop wasting it if your first attempt does not work. Reach in those pockets and pay the man.

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