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    I know Las Vegas has plenty of shows to choose from but im wondering if anyone knows of any shows that are free??
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    There is actually a huge choice of free attractions in Las Vegas. I found a great list which shows the range of what you can choose from.

    The Aquarium at the Silverton
    Located within the cozy Silverton Hotel, a 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium provides entertainment on a scale one can enjoy only in Las Vegas.

    Bonnie & Clyde Getaway Car
    This display at Primm Valley Resort & Casino not only includes the original car that the infamous robber couple of the 1930s died in, but also the shirt Clyde died in, old Barrow family photos and a few handmade items manufactured by Clyde himself in prison.

    CBS Television City Research Center
    Ever thought you could do the job of a network executive, deciding which shows are put on the air and which ones end up in the waste bin? The network jobs are hard to come by, but you can weigh in on the decision-making process by letting your opinions be known at the CBS Television City Research Center at MGM Grand.

    Conservatory at Bellagio
    Crafted by a team of 100 horticulturalists, the Bellagio's conservatory features elegant, elaborate arrangements of plants and flowers in its bright, airy atrium.

    Ethel M Chocolate Factory
    Ethel M Chocolates panders to the sweet tooth in all of us. Located seven miles from the Strip, its free admission entices us to the factory, through which many a visitor goes for a behind-the-scenes look at the candy-making (and tasting) process.

    Fountains at Bellagio
    Every evening, a water and music show plays again and again in the spectacular fountains filling the quarter-mile-long lake in front of the Bellagio.

    Fountain shows at Caesars
    No civilization put on a greater spectacle than ancient Rome, and now you have a chance to witness the glory for yourself at Caesars Palace's fountain shows.

    Fremont Street Experience
    The Fremont Street Experience will have you dancing in the street with its $70 million light canopy and 540,000-watt sound system.

    Las Vegas Preview Studios
    Take part in the advertising and product testing of a wide array of products, including movie trailers, television shows, slot machines and even food. Become a part of the process and give your opinion on the latest products.

    Lion Habitat at MGM Grand
    One look into the MGM Grand's lion habitat and you'll be hooked. The majestic cats command adoration whether they're chasing a large ball, licking their immense paws or just lyin' around.

    Marjorie Barrick Museum
    With displays of Western culture, desert life and the history of ancient Mexico, the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Natural History is both educational and vibrant.

    Masquerade Village at the Rio
    It's Mardi Gras Vegas-style at the Rio's Masquerade Village. Revelers are immersed in the sights and sounds of the world's most famous carnival.

    M&M's World
    M&M's World may be the most delicious attraction in Vegas. And judging by its scores of visitors, M&M's World must be doing something right.

    Neon Museum
    The open-air museum was created by the city of Las Vegas to preserve these vital pieces of Vegas history.

    The Sirens of TI
    Part muse, part temptress, part pirate, watch as the Sirens of TI battle a band of pirates in Sirens' Cove, located at the front entrance of the popular hotel and casino.

    The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian adds a little 'Streetmosphere' to the shopping experience, providing fun and entertainment for all that visit.

    Sunset Stampede
    Take a symphonic journey through the Wild West at Sam's Town.

    Volcano at the Mirage
    Every hour after dusk, the Mirage volcano explodes forth for crowds of curious Strip onlookers.

    Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo
    The Flamingo's brilliant neon sign is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable on the Strip. And visitors can take a closer look at the creatures who inspired the bright display at the hotel-casino's very own wildlife habitat.

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