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    This islands of Guadeloupe have French roots, and it's part of the charm of visiting this Caribbean gem. Like better-known Martinique, Guadeloupe has combined its French heritage with other cultures, creating a distinctly Caribbean style. As part of France, it's technically part of the European Union.

    The name of the come from Christopher Columbus and his famed ship the Santa Maria. It's full name was the Santa Maria de Guadalupe, named after the Virgin Mary.
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    Guadeloupe or Martinique

    I love both Guadeloupe and Martinique. I have just returned from Martinique, but I have visited Guadeloupe in the past too. Both islands are beautiful, but if I had to choose I would prefer Guadeloupe more. The island seems to be more pleasant than Martinique, maybe because there are relatively less French people from Europe. Native people are very kind and friendly, and there is a lot of to do on that island, especially on Basse Terre.

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