'Fresh Air' spills the beans on flying

Discussion in 'Flights' started by mitraveler, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I heard a fascinating interview on NPR yesterday about why it's so uncomfortable/expensive/impersonal/hard to breathe when you fly. I totally recommend that you listen to this hour of interviews from Terry Gross and Fresh Air. She interviewed Mark Gerchick, a former chief counsel for the Federal Aviation Administration, who has a new book about the airline industry. It's here: Flying High and Low in an Upright and Locked Position

    He did say that airlines are trying to make planes more comfortable as the technology gets better, but I will believe that when I see it.
  2. FelipeHerxx

    FelipeHerxx New Member

    Well, nothing new about how annoying flying can be...unhealthy air, unruly kids, out of control adults, uncomfortable seats, expensive flights, shoddy food...and the list goes on and on and on and on and on....
  3. 4amigos

    4amigos New Member

    Terry Gross is hilarious...I remember listening to this interview called "The Tube Burger," with Michael Specter, which had my husband and me in stitches. Terry asks some of the funniest questions I've ever heard.
  4. DaneDegale

    DaneDegale New Member

    The flying experience is surely getting worse, not better. I really the good old days of flying when kids could into the pilot's cockpit and passengers weren't profiled as terrorists. All that security at airports for a phantom threat..what a waste of tax payer's money.
  5. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Terry does ask great questions. I totally agree. And I also agree that it is worse to fly. I started flying in junior high school and the planes were not as crowded, and it was not as crazy in the security lines. And you didn't have to pay all those fees. I know that the world is really different post-911 and post economic meltdown, but it shouldn't be so miserable.

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