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Discussion in 'Nigeria' started by henricooper, May 27, 2011.

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    I have a friend from Nigeria, Lagos, who would like to come to the US.. but I am getting strange vibes on this one... He is saying that the visa requirements are have before his interview, a paid for ticket to the US, and around 7k in his account... and to send my bank statements to the visa office, which happens to be a travel agency. This is to show that his intentions are valid and that I as a US Citizen am able to take care of him... He is calling the extra money a travel allowance...
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    You need to tell your friend that a paid-for ticket is never in the requirements for the issuance of the US visa and the visa office will never be a travel agency.

    All you need do is send him an invitation letter, attaching the data page of your US passport, your bank statement and any other supporting document that would convince the visa officer that you have sufficient funds to take care of him for the duration of his stay.

    Your friend would need to get a travel insurance and a round ticket that would proof his return to Nigeria. Good luck!

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