Fuel Prices

Discussion in 'Australia' started by johnbrent, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. johnbrent

    johnbrent New Member

    Fuel prices are constantly increasing.
    how are you dealing with it?
    I have been considering some alternatives to save up a little
    a. carpooling
    b. public transportation
    c. considering to buy a bike (there has been an increase in sales of bikes because of oil prices)
    d. do more online stuffs (online shopping)
    e. stay at home
    f. walk more
    g. hybrid engines/engine conversion
  2. triggersnappy

    triggersnappy New Member

    yes the price of fuel is ridiculous i'm glad i no longer drive! i skateboard and walk everywhere! it keeps you fit =)
  3. travelchic

    travelchic New Member

    I walk more. Walking is the best exercise!

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